BlockHunt Plugin 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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BlockHunt Plugin 1.7.2

Last version: 0.2.0_BETA_B5 Bukkit version: CB 1.7.2 R0.3

A HideAndSeek plugin as blocks!

This plugin is based of the PropHunt mod of many games out there.

Now you can play this nice mini-game in Minecraft!

BlockHunt Plugin Features

  • Custom wand for selection arena.
  • Multiple arenas.
  • Join/Leave signs!
  • Arena full bypass.
  • Configurable blocks.
  • Solid blocks like the Hives!
  • Enable commands per arena.
  • Executing commands on win.
  • Shop with tokens!
  • Instant respawn.
  • And more!


Disclaimer: This plugin uses a Metrics system made by Hidendra, which means some information will be sent to and shown to the public. This data includes information such as the plugin’s version, server versions, OS systems, Java version, etc. All data is sent to for analysis either by the public or plugin author. No personal data is taken from the server and if you want to opt-out of MCStats, go to your plugins folder, then go to the “PluginMetrics” folder (This folder is automatically created) and then set “opt-out” to true. More info can be found on

Commands & Permissions 

Note: Instead of using /BlockHunt you could use:

  • /bh
  • /hideandseek
  • /seekandfind (from my old plugin)

<> = Required. [] = Optional

Command Description Permission
/BlockHunt [info/i] Displays the plugin’s info. All players have this permission from default.
/BlockHunt <help/h> Shows a list of commands. All players have this permission from default.
/BlockHunt <reload/r> Reloads all configs. blockhunt.reload blockhunt.admin
/BlockHunt <join/j> <arenaname> Joins a BlockHunt game. blockhunt.join blockhunt.player
/BlockHunt <leave/l> Leave a BlockHunt game. blockhunt.leave blockhunt.player
/BlockHunt <list/li> Shows a list of available arenas. blockhunt.list blockhunt.player
/BlockHunt <shop/sh> Opens the BlockHunt shop. blockhunt.player
/BlockHunt <start/go> <arenaname> Forces an arena to start. blockhunt.start blockhunt.moderator
/BlockHunt <wand/w> Gives you the wand selection tool. blockhunt.create blockhunt.admin
/BlockHunt <create/c> <arenaname> Creates an arena from your selection. blockhunt.create blockhunt.admin
/BlockHunt <set/s> <arenaname> Opens a panel to set settings. blockhunt.set blockhunt.moderator
/BlockHunt <setwarp/sw> <lobby/hiders/seekers/spawn> <arenaname> Sets warps for your arena. blockhunt.setwarp blockhunt.moderator
/BlockHunt <remove/delete> <arenaname> Deletes an Arena. blockhunt.remove blockhunt.admin
/BlockHunt <tokens/t> <set/add/take> <playername> <amount> Change someones tokens. blockhunt.tokens blockhunt.admin
Able to join full games. blockhunt.joinfull blockhunt.moderator
Able to join/leave using join/leave signs. blockhunt.joinsign blockhunt.player
Able to create a join/leave sign. blockhunt.signcreate blockhunt.moderator
Gives you the BlockChooser. blockhunt.admin
Gives you the ability to do all commands in-game. blockhunt.allcommands OP

= Other special permissions =

Permission Description
blockhunt.* All BlockHunt permissions.
blockhunt.player All player related permissions.
blockhunt.moderator All moderator related permissions.
blockhunt.admin All admin related permissions.
‘*’ All permissions on your server, including BlockHunt’s permissions.


Download BlockHunt Plugin 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2


  • Steffion
  • RandomPanda30
  • tempszz
  • ediTv2
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