Better Slime Mod 1.7.10

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Better Slime Mod 1.7.10

The better slime mod adds a plethora of new tools, armor and a new ore into the game.


Update 1

All textures fixed – Armor, Entities, etc.
Anti Grav device now craftable.

TOOLS – 1 Tier better than diamond, all crafted using slime balls. 

  • Slime Sword
  • Slime Pickaxe
  • Slime Axe
  • Slime Spade
  • Slime Hoe

Armour – 1 Tier better than diamond, all crafted using slime balls and gives large jump boost.

  • Slime Helmet
  • Slime Chestplate
  • Slime Leggings
  • Slime Boots

Ore – As rare if not less rare than diamond.

  • Slime Ore – Gives one Slimeball on mining.


  • Smelt diamonds into slimeballs!

Misc – Random Stuff for Fun.

  • Generic Berries – OP eatable berries.
  • Anti Grav Device – Makes creepers shoot up into the air. – Slime in middle, iron surrounding it.


  • Slime Bow
  • Ability to Throw slime – Like a snowball
  • Slimes made more common ingame.
  • New additions to weapons – Knives, Daggers, etc.



Needs Forge, Drag BetterSlimeMod.jar into mods folder in Minecraft folder.

Download Better Slime Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

Author: Heneray

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