Better PvP Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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Better PvP Mod


  • Potion effects outside of inventory
  • Armor/Food info outside of inventory (More to come)
  • Item enchants outside of inventory
  • Quick eat. Holding one button does all the work: selects food, eats food, switches back to your weapon
  • Better sprint. Sprint by holding one single button. Makes it possible to never stop sprinting if you put sprint on W. Double tapping also works!
  • Keep sneak feature (Press a key once to keep sneaking)
  • Settings: Anything can be disabled or enabled at any time!
  • Compatible with most if not all forge mods!


Installation Better PvP Mod

Installation for Forge:

  1. You can get forge
  2. Install it using this guide
  3. Download this mod using the forge link.
  4. Do not extract the jar file!
  5. Go to “C:/Users/YOUR USER/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/mods” or to equivalent folder on other OS’ and put the jar file from the “Forge” folder in there.
  6. Start the minecraft client and log in using “forge” profile.
  7. Have fun

Installation for Vanilla:

  1. Download MagicLauncher
  2. Download this mod using the vanilla link. Make sure the file contains the word ‘Vanilla’ in it. If not then you got the wrong file.
  3. In MagicLauncher, click setup. Now click new and name the config whatever you want and put “copy from”on default. Click “OK” when you’re ready.
  4. Now you need to add this mod. Click on the “Add” button that’s under the “Download” button. Find the file you downloaded from this page and add it. Now click “OK”.
  5. Choose your configuration and log in.
  6. If you still have problems getting this mod to work, contact me via PM or ask other PMC users for help.
  7. Have fun

Better PvP Mod Changelogs:

v1.4.0 for MC 1.8

  • Customizable minimap entity dot colours.
  • Added Italian language support. Big thanks to Sporadicamente for translating!
  • Minimap chunk loading improvement + optimization. Will now only constantly update chunks that are visible on the minimap.
  • Improved dropdown menus. Selected option will now always be first in the menu.
  • Minimap motion blur will now automatically turn off when your FPS drops under 35. Will now look a lot better on low-end PCs (should’ve done this a long time ago, oops :P).
  • Fixed minimap zoom not saving correctly when zooming out.
  • Other bug fixes and tweaks.

v1.3.7.5 for MC 1.7.10

  • Added Italian language support. Big thanks to Sporadicamente for translating!
  • Minimap chunk loading improvement + optimization. Will now only constantly update chunks that are visible on the minimap.
  • Fixed minimap zoom not saving correctly when zooming out.
  • Other bug fixes and tweaks.


  • Potion effect blinking when the timer is below 10 seconds.
  • New “Social” interface preset. Easier to chat in this mode because interfaces are not colliding with the chatbox.
  • Reworked armour and archery status interfaces to line-up with each other more nicely.
  • Reworked edit mode to look nicer.
  • Reworked feature explaining boxes in the settings.
  • Item held will now be displayed below the centered armour status interface when the interface is placed in the top half of the screen for more customisability.


  • Minimap performance improvement
  • Major bug fix in the new preset system


  • Minimap is now in beta stage
  • Higher resolution minimap
  • Nicer colors on the minimap
  • Transparent water on the minimap
  • Better cave maps
  • Better minimap performance


  • Fixed toggle sneak bug
  • Fixed quick eat and quick use bugs
  • Combined quick eat and quick use
  • Renamed “pvp key mode” to “quick item use”
  • Fixed pvp sprint bug
  • Minor tweaks to the code for better performance


This update is huge!

  • Updated to minecraft forge 1.7.2.
  • XP drops spam fix
  • Support of charged bows from the special attacks mod in the archery interface
  • Ability to flip and center interfaces(or uncentering notifications)
  • Potion effect interface rework(more compact and a 3rd layout similar to archery interface when placed in the center of the screen)
  • Notification when being shot by arrow(s)
  • Reset defaults button in settings
  • Interfaces placed on the right side of the screen will move relatively to the right side when game window is resized
  • New default interface layout
  • TnT notification renamed to explosion notification
  • Explosion notification changed from 10 to 5 block radius
  • Interfaces can no longer go over the sides of your screen.
  • A whole bunch of bug fixes.


v1.0.5 (for forge)

  • New archery interface
  • Tooltips in settings interface
  • Everything keyboard related such as better sprint and quick food recoded from scratch
  • Better edit mode
  • Lots of bugs fixed
Vanilla version will come out when 1.7 MCP comes out.


  • New mod showcases added


new features

  • Customization settings
  • XP drops when XP is gained
  • Notifications(low hp and hunger)
  • Better vanilla mod(lets me convert forge to vanilla a lot faster which means earlier updates)

Download Better PvP Mod

For 1.8

Old version

For 1.7.10

Old version

For 1.7.2

Old version

For 1.6.4


Old version


Old version

Credits: xaero96

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