Better Foliage Mod 1.8.2/1.8.1/1.8.0

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Better Foliage Mod


Better Foliage is my re-implementation of some features of one of my favourite 1.6.4 mods: Better Grass & Leaves, that was sadly discontinued after 1.7.2 came along. It makes your plant life a bit more verdant and fluffy by drawing some extra stuff on trees, grass blocks, cacti, lilypads. Also adds reeds and algae in water.


The mod is client only, although it will not crash your server if you add it accidentally.

Extra leaves will be rendered for each leaf block that has at least one side touching an air block. Grass will be rendered for grass blocks with an air block above them.

There is a config GUI, opened by pressing F8 (configurable), or using the config button after selecting it in your mod list. Here you can set rendering options for grass and leaves.

  • On/Off: self-explanatory
  • Size: size of the extra polygons, relative to block diameter
  • Offset: how much off-center the polygons should be (relative to diameter), to break up the regularity. Separate horizontal and vertical value for leaves. Only flowers are displaced for lilypads
  • Offset mode: leaves only. In Translate mode, round leaves will be moved off-center, but have a perfect 45° angle. In Skew mode, leaves will stay centered, but the corners will be dragged around.
  • Height: for grass and reeds only, minimum and maximum values
  • Flower Chance: how many lilypads out of 64 should have a flower on them
  • Reeds/Algae Chance: how many suitable blocks out of 64 should have reeds/algae (approximate)

That’s it. The defaults give quite nice results, but you are welcome to experiment.

There’s some minor inconvenience with short grass: because mipmaps and transparency are not good friends, the grass looks darker than it should at a distance, and large flat patches of grass look a bit weird. If you have the horsepower for it, turn off mipmaps and crank up anisotropic filtering in the video settings.


Works fine with the Shader Mod and Optifine. Although you might want to turn off the short grass with shaderpacks using cast shadows: because of the shadow map resolution the grass looks like it is floating slightly above the block (it doesn’t).

It also tweaks the block IDs seen by shader programs, so that all leaf blocks are treated as vanilla leaves, and all grassy things (flower, crops, reeds, erc.) as tall grass. This will make them wave in the wind (with shaders that have this feature) without having to manually edit the shaderpacks.

This feature is configurable: the config files classesCrops.cfg and classesLeaves.cfg hold the list of block classes that will act as leaves or tall grass. Lines beginning with a “-” are blacklist entries.

Double height plants (sunflowers and reeds) are enabled by default. They can look a bit weird if there is a mismatch in the shader’s noise field between the two blocks at the boundary. If you find the effect annoys you, just remove or blacklist these entries in the config.


The mod does not need textures supplied for the crossed leaf polygons for each and every leaf type, as it will generate them on the fly, making it very easy to use: it will (should) support every mod and texture pack automagically.

However, some mods have leaf blocks that are not derived from vanilla leaves, or their own way of registering textures. If you find a mod that has incompatible leaves, let me know, and I’ll fix it!

Confirmed to support leaves from: Vanilla, BOP, Natura, Forestry and Thaumcraft.

It’s also possible to supply leaf textures by resource pack. To create packs, the mapping you need to use is: the leaf atassets/MOD/textures/blocks/path/to/texture.png has its round texture atassets/betterfoliage/textures/blocks/MOD/path/to/texture.png

For all other features besides leaves, the mod relies on Better Grass & Leaves, using that mod as a resource pack, this means resourcepacks made for that mod can be used. (see the installation section)


    1. Copy Better Foliage in the mods folder of your installation
    2. Copy Better Grass and LeavesMod (for 1.6.4) in the resourcepacks folder of your installation. Yes, the mod itself will act as your resourcepack.
    3. Rename Better Grass and Leaves to change its extension to .zip

Download Better Foliage Mod

For 1.8.2

Coming soon

For 1.8.2

Coming soon

For 1.8

Author: OctarineNoise

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