Better Breeding Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

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Better Breeding Mod 1.6.4

What does this mod do ?

  • This mod adds a purpose to breeding !
  • Get your pigs a better breed, select your better breeds and create even better pigs !
  • This works for Cows, Wolves, Sheep and Chicken !!

What are these breeds ?

  • Pigs have 4 new breeds
    • They don’t have a real name yet, But I call them 2nd, 3th, 4th and 5th breed.
  • Cows have 2 more breeds
    • Meat and Leather Cows.
  • Wolves have 4 more breeds.
    • Grey wolf, Black wolf, Shepard and Death Wolf
  • Sheep have 3 more breeds. MilkSheep, MeatSheep and ScottishSheep
  • Each breed is ”better” then the previous one.
  • Pigs gain in health and have better drops.
  • Cows have other properties
  • Wolves get more health and more attack.
  • Sheep drop meat, get milk or be rainbow-full

How do I know what breed is what ?

Pigs vary in color.

  • 2nd breed has a red spot on their head and a herpy-derpy look.
  • 3th breed has a more intelegent look and look kinda orangy.
  • 4th breed has the intelegent look to and are pretty pink !
  • 5th breed is a ted darker then the base pigs, but has a dark line over his back.


  • Meat Cow are not easy to recognize when alone. Their brown skin is tad lighter then the regular cow.
  • Leather cow is kinda red.


  • (no comment)


  • MilkSheep have a smart look, and an udder !
  • MeatSheep have less wool and a darker color.
  • Scottish sheep have kilt-patterned wool !


From Left to Right

Normal Cow, Meat Cow, Leather Cow

From left to the right

Regular Pig, 2nd breed (red spot on the head), 3th breed (orange like), 4th breed(pink !), 5th breed

From right to left

Grey Wolf, Dark Wolf, Shepard and Death Wolf (Dead Dog)

From the left to the right: ScotSheep, MilkSheep and MeatSheep

Udder !

You can clearly see all 4 different chicken in this picture.
this counts 1 awe chicken, 1 fluffy chicken, 3 breeders and 3 regular chicken

SpawnEggs !
Middle row are pigs, left row are 3 wolfs and a cow, right is last wolf and meat cow (sheep spawneggs exist too)


Cook a Sheeps Gigot into a Roasted Gigot
has saturation modifier (0.2 raw, 1.0 cooked) and heals respectivly 1 or 3 hungerbars

Sheeps Milk Obtained when milking a milkSheep
When drunk, the milk heals you 0.5 hearts, and gives you 30 seconds speed 1

Sheppards Pie
Heals 2.5 hearts, 3 hunger nuggets, Saturation level of 2.0F and can be eaten when low on health or hunger. has 3 uses

Pastry Dough. Shapeless recipe

Sweet bread. Better then normal bread ! Heals 3.5 hunger and has a higher saturation level.

Easter Pie. Heals 4 Hearts and 4.5 hungernuggets. Only 2 uses. can be eaten when low on health or hunger. Saturation level of 4.0F (beef is 0.8F)

The Spirit of Christmas

Emtpy Mug

Installation Better Breeding Mod

  • Needs the latest Minecraft Forge installer
  • Note that this is not a core mod.
  • Drag the contents of this mod into the minecraft.jar
  • Or either use MCPatcher to install this mod. (dont forget to un-check all default options when using forge)



  • Updated for 1.6.4


  • Updated for 1.6.2

Download Better Breeding Mod

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2

For 1.5.2

For 1.5.1

For 1.4.6

Forge version:

For 1.4.5

Modloader version:

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Credits: senpaisubaraki

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