BattleKits Plugin 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.4.7

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BattleKits bukkit plugin 1.6.4

BattleKits is a feature-packed plugin essential to running a KitPvP server, an action-packed gamemode where users are given equipment and immediately thrown into battle! With BattleKits, you can configure almost everything and customize your kit server exactly how you want.


  • Provides an exciting PvP experience
  • Covers a range of features vital to a KitPvP server
  • Fully configurable PvP kits, including enchanted items, custom named items, and colored armor
  • Rewards for successfully killing another player (e.g. give them XP levels or a potion effect)
  • Active development and testing (apply to be a beta tester in the comments)
  • Supports TagAPI and colour changes of the overhead name tag
  • Supports console given kits
  • Comprehensive restriction system (per-world in 1.6) that allows disabling game mechanics
  • Allows commands and messages to be executed/sent on kit delivery
  • Allows kits to be given through special signs
  • Supports Vault for economy systems
  • Supports multiworld with configurable settings per world (1.6)
  • Supports automatic updates
  • Extreme configurability


Everything is configurable!

  • Kits automatically given on respawn
  • Kits allowed only once per life
  • Item and XP modifications
    • Disable XP drops from mobs, players, and blocks
    • Disable item drops from mobs and players
    • Disable item dropping (by hitting Q or dragging out of inventory)
  • Disable breaking and placing blocks
  • Disable death messages
  • Disable crafting
  • Disable inventory interaction
  • Add commands when a kit is given
  • Add messages when a kit is given
  • Execute commands on kit give (apply potions with PotionCommands)

Commands and Utilities:

Command Description Permission
/kit <kitname> Gives kit <kitname> to the user battlekits.use.<kitname>
/battlekits, /bk, /kit Lists all available kits with cost battlekits.listkits
/refill, /soup, /stew Refills the soup bowl in the user’s hand battlekits.use.soup
/fillall, /fullsoup Refill all soup bowls in the user’s inventory battlekits.use.fillall
/kit reload Reloads the config battlekits.config.reload
/kit restoreconfig Restores the config to the default battlekits.config.restore
Utility Description Permission
Respawn kits Automatically gives <kitname> on respawn<kitname>
Kit sign use Allow the use of kit signs to receive kits battlekits.sign.use
Kit sign creation Allow the creation of kit signs to give kits battlekits.sign.create

Note: /kit can be replaced with /battlekits or /bk

Creating kit signs To create a kit sign, simply create a new sign with the details as shown on the left. Fill in the kit name, and if you have permission the kit sign will turn dark red and become active. If you use a plugin such as ServerSigns, you could also add commands to such a sign. The config allows finer control of whether the use of kit signs ignores permissions, costs, world restrictions etc and the kit signs can be an attractive way of letting your users pick their kit without having to use commands.


 Download BattleKits bukkit plugin

For 1.6.4

Old version

For 1.6.2

For 1.4.7


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