Backpacks (Brad16840) Mod 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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Backpacks (Brad16840) Mod

Nestable – Backpacks can be placed inside other backpacks

When you have a backpack open you are able to open any backpacks nested inside it by right-clicking on them.
While a backpack is opened it can’t be moved, so there is no chance of accidentally putting a backpack inside itself.

This is the BCMod-compatible version of the player’s inventory interface. Notice the top half isn’t connected to the bottom half.
Posted Image

You can right-click on a backpack to open it.
Posted Image

If you hold down ‘shift’ when you right-click, the backpack will open on the other half of the interface.
Posted Image

Combining right-clicks with ‘shift’ right-clicks allows you to get an arrangement you want.
You can even open the same backpack twice
Posted Image

Or, by right-clicking crafting tables within your inventory, you can have 2 crafting tables open
Posted Image
This arrangement can be nice for displaying recipes, but if you need to quickly craft another recipe component it is usually easier to open another crafting interface on top of the first one, as all items will remain in the first crafting table you close it.

Customizable – You can change a backpack’s name, color and size

To change the color of a backpack, put a dye inside it and right click on the dye.
To rename a backpack, put a sign inside the backpack and right click on the sign. This will not cost experience, but it will destroy the sign.
You can use Backpack pouches to upgrade your backpacks from 3×3 to 3×6 and from 3×6 to 3×9.
If you are in creative mode you can freely change the size of a backpack by using a ‘Backpack Resizer’.

A resized and renamed backpack, containing a backpack of every color
Posted Image
There is no limit to how large a backpack can be, and if you make one too big to fit on screen, the screen will become scrollable.

Safe – Lost or destroyed backpacks can be recovered

If you lose a backpack or just want an extra copy you can create a “Backpack Restorer”, which allows you to restore any backpack you own.
Backpack Restorers can be expensive, and they only restore one item each. So if you lose your backpack often you may want to invest in a “Quantum Chest”. Simply put your backpack in a quantum chest and it will start dispensing “Quantum Backpacks”.
Quantum backpacks are bound to the quantum chest they came from, and can be used to remotely open the backpack stored inside it.
The quantum chest allows you to take as many quantum backpacks as you want, so if you die, or if you just want another quantum backpack, you can just go back to the quantum chest and take another.

Creating and using quantum backpacks

First you craft a quantum chest, using 4 diamonds, 4 ender chests and 1 diamond blockPosted ImageAfter placing it down, you open its interface by right-clicking on its blockPosted ImageYou put your backpack into the slot at the top, and the quantum chest will start dispensing quantum ‘copies’Posted ImageThese quantum backpacks can be opened in the exact same way as backpacksPosted ImageAnd you can still open nested backpacks from inside a quantum backpackPosted Image

Shareable – You can share your backpacks with other players

You can give quantum backpacks (or copied backpacks) to other players to allow them to use your backpack.
Any changes made to a backpack by one player will be updated in all other players using that backpack, allowing players to share or exchange items, no matter how far away they are (or what dimension they are in).

Protectable – You can prevent players from using your stuff

BCMod features a permission system which allows you to define who is and who isn’t allowed to use your backpacks and quantum chests.
Simply press ‘p’ when you have a quantum chest or backpack open and you’ll bring up the permission interface, where you can change who owns the item/block, who is allowed to use it and who is is allowed to add/change permissions.

Convenient interfaces – Backpacks can be interfaced with chests, crafting tables and ender chests.

Backpacks and Quantum backpacks can be opened from within any BCMod-compatible interface by right-clicking them.
If you have a backpack in your hand when you open a chest, crafting table, or ender chest they will open BCMod-compatible versions of their respective interfaces.
Pressing the “BCMod – Open Item” key (defaults to ‘z’) with a backpack in your hand will open the backpack, but if you don’t have a backpack in your hand, or if you are sneaking it will bring up a BCMod-compatible version of the player’s inventory instead.
Pressing the “BCMod – Open Item” key while an interface is open will close the last item you opened (like a ‘back’ button), this also works with non-compatible interfaces.
For optimal use of this mod I recommend swapping the “BCMod – Open Item” key with your inventory key (you can always swap back if you don’t like it).

Examples of other BCMod compatible interfaces

A backpack interfacing with a chestPosted Image
A backpack interfacing with a large chest. Note the scroll buttons that appear because the interface is slightly too large to fit on screenPosted Image
A backpack interfacing with a crafting tablePosted Image
And a backpack interfacing with an ender chest

Backpacks are crafted with 7 leather and a gold pressure plate (a “Weighted Pressure Plate (Light)”).
Backpack pouches are crafted with 5 leather in a [ shape with 3 string on the right.
Backpack restorers are crafted with 7 gold, a gold pressure plate and an eye of ender in the middle.
Quantum chests are crafted with 1 diamond block in the middle, 4 diamonds in the corners and 4 ender chests on the sides.

Posted Image

The Backpack Renderer Add-on
The Backpack Renderer add-on is a coremod that lets you wear a backpack from your hotbar on your players back.
If another player also has the add-on installed (or if the add-on is installed on the server) you will also be able to see the backpack that they are wearing.

The Backpack Auto-Loader Add-on
The Backpack Auto-Loader add-on allows backpacks to automatically collect items as you pick them up and can automatically replace your tools as they break (or your blocks as you run out).
To configure what items a backpack will collect or replenish you can open a backpack and press the Edit Backpack’s Auto-Loader key (defaults to L).
The Auto-Loader can collect and replenish items from nested backpacks and from quantum backpacks.

Download Backpacks (Brad16840) Mod

For 1.8

For 1.7.10

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

Author: Brad16840

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