Attack of the B-Team Mod Pack 1.7.10/1.7.2

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Attack of the B-Team Mod Pack 1.7.10

Attack of the B-Team was the Technic’s first modpack to launch in conjuction with a charity fundraiser. Throughout the week thanks to your generous donations we raised over $22,000 for the Child’s Play Charity. That’s a lot of toys and games for kids! So first of all, thank you to everyone who donated for early access. You helped make a difference and you should be proud of yourself.

Now, about the modpack! This modpack was designed with one thing in mind, crazy mad science! With the help of the B-Team we hand picked the wackiest mods we could find and shoved them all in a modpack for you guys. The result is Attack of the B-Team! Here is what is included:

  • Advanced Genetics by ObsiLP
  • Archimedes Ships by Balkondeur Alpha
  • Artifice by Shukaro
  • Biomes o’ Plenty by TDWP_FTW
  • Carpenter’s Blocks by Mineshopper
  • Chisel by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, Darwin by Manchou
  • Dragon Mounts by BarracudaATA
  • Enhanced Portals 2 by Alz454
  • Flan’s Mod w/ Parts Pack/Modern Warfare/Titan Pack by jamioflan
  • Food Plus by JoseTheCrafter
  • Fossils and Archaeology: Re-Ported by Team July/Ported by CannibalVox
  • Galacticraft by Micdoodle8
  • Hamsterrific by Razzleberry Fox
  • Hamsters Forever by CannibalVox
  • Hats by iChun, Liquid XP by immibis
  • Map Writer by Davey Liam
  • Minecraft Minions by AtomicStryker
  • Minefactory Reloaded by skyboy
  • Morph by iChun
  • Mr. Crayfish’s Furniture Mod by Mr. Crayfish
  • Natura by mDiyo
  • Not Enough Items by Chicken Bones
  • NEI Plugins by Mistaqur
  • Open Blocks by Mikeemoo
  • Project Red: by Mr. TJP and Chicken Bones
  • qCraft by Dan200
  • Random Things by lumien
  • Saintspack (Dubstep Gun) by Thieves
  • Secret Rooms by AbrarSyed
  • Sync by iChun
  • The Necromancy Mod by sirolf2009/Ported by CannibalVox
  • Thermal Expansion by King Lemming
  • Tinkers Construct by mDiyo
  • Trailmix by iChun
  • Tropicraft by The Tropicraft Team
  • Waila by Prof Mobius
  • Waypoints by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN
  • Witchery by Emoniph
  • World of Dinos by CannibalVox


Download Attack of the B-Team Mod Pack 

For 1.7.10/1.7.2

Author: TheDiamondMinecart

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