Atlantis The Lost Empire Map

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Atlantis The Lost Empire Map

Info: This has been a huge project I have been working on over the past 2 months. Venomhas helped a lot a long the way, as well as a few others (listed below). The Build itself has an almost 250,000 block base! It has over 25 houses, the Atlantian Library of Lost Scrolls, Farms, Landing Pads, the Atlantian Temple, the ancient Cavern of the past rulers and their masks floating high above in an aura over the lost city! Boats and bridges line the canals as well as reeds and aquatic plants.

Story: Many years ago, there was a city by the name of Atlantis. It thrived and was thousands of years ahead in time with its technology. It had electricy, magic, and engineering. The city thrived and continued to grow. Then one day came around to change it all… A rumbling shook the city, and the people of Atlantis all gathered to find out what was going on! They looked up, and to their horror, a giant tidal wave was arching over the city limits. The wave crashed down, and left no surviors, but however did leave the architecture and way of life in Atlantis before the disaster. Thousands of years later, a team of scientists and researchers found the city again. It had been sunken down hundreds of feet below the waves, with huge walls of water surrounding it. Atlantis The Lost Empire, had been reborn….


The build consists of: 

  • The Atlantian Temple
  • Houses
  • Farms
  • The ancient Library
  • Watch towers
  • Ancient cavern of the past rulers
  • Flying Fish Machines
  • Landing pads
  • Bridges/Docks
  • Boats

Download Atlantis The Lost Empire Map


Author: NinamanOfficial

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