Anti AD bukkit plugins for minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2

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It allows you to prevent those anyoing advertisers stealing your people from your server. What it does is it waits for an IP in the chat and when someone types an IP it intercepts the message and says to the person [AntiAd] DO NOT ADVERTISE! and gives them their first strike, the player has 3 chances and on the third chance will be punished using a command outputed from the console, this is editable in the config, It also sends a message to everyone with the permissions node: antiad.see: true and tells them who advertised and what the IP was so admins and moderators can take appropriate action. There is a Secondary feature that prevents spam, Long excessive words ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaa’ for example and it also blocks people writing in caps.


  • Essentials Chat: Essentials chat works well with AntiAd for the most part with the exception of URL filtering and perhaps some other modes. To allow AntiAd to take over and monitor for IP addresses and URLS… give your default players the following permission. –


  • Stop IP/URL on Sign.
  • Blocks spam (Large words, and Caps)
  • Detects Nicknames
  • Config file with lots of configurable options
  • Implemented permissions
  • Customizable ban and non-ban messages
  • Recognises websites and blocks them
  • 3 Warnings before action
  • Sepparate actions for spam and advertising, fully configurable
  • It also blocks URLs even if typed badly and prevents Spam.
  • Logging the spam and the advertising in the log.txt
  • Stealth mode so the players are not aware of AntiAd


Commands Description
/antiad add It to add the URL’s or IP’s in the whitelist
/antiad reload Reloads the plugin, includes configuration

To Do:

  • Add E-mail support on the Whitelist.
  • Fix Bugs 😛

If you have any suggestion that you would like me to add into the plugin, just post a comment or make a ticket of it.



Version 2.1.1 Changes:

  • Fixed faction chat bug. – Fixed the bug where if Faction cancelled the chat message and we worked on it after then we re-enabled it if it wasn’t spam/advertising.

Development Builds

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.


To determine popularity of this plugin, plugin installs are automatically tracked by the Metrics plugin tracking system. If you don’t want to help or are paranoid, edit plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and set opt-out to true. But seeing more users makes me very happy.

Config Explaination:

#Standard Languge you wat to use (see for valid values here)
Language: en
#Command sent to console when someone advertises
Command-Ad: tempban <player> <reasonad> <time>
#Command sent to console when someone spams
Command-Spam: kick <player> <reasonspam>
#The Amount of time they are banned for
Time: 5
#The message players are given if not banned.
Spam_Message: DO NOT SPAM!
#The message players are given if not banned.
#Broadcasts a notification that someone has been punished for advertising
Notification-Message: true
#Says Server is running AntiAd
JoinMsg-On: true
#Check if there are spam
Spam-Detection: true
#Says whether it will detect urls or not
URL-Detection: true
#check if there are any URLS ex.
IP-Detection: true
#Check if all is Caps
Caps-Detection: true
#Checho for long spam 
Spam-Number-Letters-check: true
#Number of characters without a space that become spam
Spam-Number-Letters: 20
#Number of Capital Letters that become spam per word Eg More than 3 Letters Per Word Become Spam
Spam-Procent-Capital-Words: 80
#What commands the plugin listens to (private, me and so on.)
- /msg
- /me
- /t
- /message
- /tell
#Warns admins when a player is spamming
SpamWarnAdmins: false
#Warns a admin when a player is advertising
AdWarnAdmins: true
#Number of times a player can spam/advertise before a action is taken we recommend it is set on 3.)
warnings: 3

Command-Ad and Command-Spam explanation:

This new method allows you to have fully configuarable actions for both Advertising and Spamming There are five things you can use (Anything in <> is case sensitive:

  • <player> This is the player who advertises/spams
  • <time> The ban time that you have put in the config

You can use these to construct various commands such as: Command-Ad: mute <player> <time> Command-Spam: kick <player> <reason> or/and Command-Ad: tempban <player> <reason> <time> Command-Spam: kill <player>

The fith thing you can use is the command it’self this is the first word in the command, eg:

  • mute
  • kick
  • smite
  • kill
  • ban
  • tempban

Hope this clears it up and the new method is more simple, if you have any queries post in the comments.

Video – How to use Configuration and whitelist.

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