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Another One Bites the Dust Mod 1.7.10


Another One Bites the Dust Mod 1.7.10

AOBD has grown further than being a simple TIC add-on to allow Ardite and Cobalt processing. It now automatically detects every single ore from every single mod you have installed and creates the necessary dusts and etc in order for that metal to be processed on several mod’s machines!


IC2 machines

RailCraft‘s Rock Crusher (requires IC2 to be installed)

EnderIO‘s SAG Mill

Thaumcraft‘s native clusters (check the research in AOBD’s own tab!)

Thermal Expansion 3 machines (Will be back once TE3 is updated to 1.7.10)

Mekanism machines

Factorization machines

Check out the config file for almost endless customisation! (With forge for mc1.7.10 you can do that without even leaving the game!)


If I’ve forgotten a recipe or you have any suggestion please let me know

You can also add your own metals in the config called “Customs”; like so:
Platinum-0x5cc9e8-dustTiny, crushed, crystal; Awesome-0xffffff-dust, dustTiny;

That being: MetalOreDictName-Colour-OreDictPrefix, OreDictPrefix…;

Download Another One Bites the Dust Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: ganymedes01

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