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Ambient Birds Mod 1.8


This mod adds a new type of bird mob. I did this just as concept. As if there was a bird mob in Minecraft this is how I would envision it.





Install Ambient Birds Mod

  • Locate your versions folder in .minecraft folder
  • Copy the directory 1.8 and rename it to 1.8-birds
  • Rename both the jar and json files the same (1.8-birds)
  • Open the json and at the 1st line also rename it to 1.8-birds
  • Drag and drop the contents in the 1.8-birds.zip (a different zip found inside the main zip file) file with in the jar file. Use any zipping program to open them up in both windows
  • Delete the META folder in the jar.
  • Select the version you named in your launcher
  • *Uncheck* the Automatically ask Mojang for assistance with fixing crashes thing!
  • Drag and drop the folder “birds sound” into your resourcepack dir and turn it on in game.
  • Play!

Download Ambient Birds Mod

For 1.8


Author: the_tubes

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