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Aliens vs Predator Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2


Aliens vs Predator Mod 1.7.10

What’s the point of the Aliens Vs Predator movies, comics, and games?

Basically we have three main types of species involved, two of which were from two different movie series. We have the Alien (Xenomorph), the Predator (Yautja), and we have us (Humans). The Predators absolutely hate the Aliens, and the Aliens hate the predators, but the Aliens just don’t care, they will kill almost anything that gets in their way. Main goal of the Aliens? Protect their queen, and make sure she can survive. Main goal of the Predators? Wipe aliens from existence. But what about us? What’s our goal? Being the smart humans we are, we decide to intervene and completely mess everything up, turning both the aliens and predators against us.

What type of stuff does the mod add?

I’ve taken the time to add the main mobs to the game, and include a few others that are necessary for the Alien Life cycle. Even a few different types of Predators. And of course… a ton of epic weapons and tools. I’ve even taken the time to add 15+ blocks to the game and let there be more room for the creative side of people. You don’t have to be someone who plays survival to get the best out of the mod. Obviously the mod isn’t finished, and I am still adding more weapons, mobs, and blocks, so don’t think that something you want added won’t be added, It might!

Screenshots are available here

Recipes: here

Backup your .minecraft folder and worlds before testing this mod, I am not responsible for corrupt worlds or corrupting your copy of Minecraft!

Installation Aliens vs Predator Mod

How to install the mod on a Minecraft Client

  • 1.) Download and install Minecraft Forge Installer
  • 2.) Navigate to your .minecraft folder located in your Application Data folder
  • 3.) Open your minecraft.jar with any archiving program (WinRar, 7-Zip, etc)
  • 4.) Copy AIRI.jar and this mod’s file, AliensVsPredator.jar, into the .minecraft/mods/ folder.
  • 5.) Important! Do not open AIRI’s jar file or my mod’s jar file, Only copy it!

How to install the mod on a Minecraft Server

  • 1.) Download and install Minecraft Forge Installer
  • 2.) Navigate to your servers directory.
  • 3.) Open your minecraft_server.jar with any archiving program (WinRar, 7-Zip, etc)
  • 4.) Copy AIRI.jar and this mod’s file, AliensVsPredator.jar, into the server/mods/ folder.
  • 5.) Important! Do not open AIRI’s jar file or my mod’s jar file, Only copy it!



Updated to Minecraft 1.7.10
Requires AIRI 3.0.0-1.7.10

  • Added: AIRI Window API
  • Added: AIRI Updater API
  • Fixed: Updater
  • Fixed: LV223 will no longer spawn you in the ground
  • Changed: Version identifying


NOTICE: Requires AIRI 2.2.6!

  • Added: LV-223 (Varda) Dimension
  • Added: Stairs and Slabs for the following: Floor Grills, Ceiling Grills, Industrial Walls, Industrial Bricks, Industrial Glass
  • Added: Temple spawner for use with creative mode (always spawns ovamorphs on redstone signal)
  • Added: Creative tab now randomly selects a mod item for its icon.
  • Fixed: Severe Memory Leak
  • Fixed: Firearms would not reload correctly as they were not correctly synced with the server.
  • Fixed: Industrial lamp texture bug
  • Fixed: Language file did not have the correct name provided for chestbusters
  • Fixed: Nuke timer not functional
  • Fixed: Xeno armor renders properly by itself again
  • Fixed: Marines aren’t pussies anymore
  • Fixed: Temple Spawner will now spawn ovamorph eggs if a queen is with a 25 block radius
  • Changed: Updated the code for the mod update checker
  • Changed: Hive resin can now spread onto walls as well as floors
  • Changed: Energy capsules and Spears are now both randomly dropped instead of always dropped
  • Changed: Optimized the nuclear core
  • Changed: The max stack size of spears has been changed to 1
  • Changed: Spears are now damagable and have a max damage of 120


  • NOTICE: Requires AIRI 2.2.2
  • NOTICE: If you are upgrading from previous versions, delete your configuration in .minecraft/config/AliensVsPredator.cfg or things will break!
  • Changed: Raised XP caps
  • Changed: Facehuggers can now despawn
  • Changed: Praetorians no longer spawn naturally
  • Changed: Raised the spawn rates of marines
  • Fixed: Marines hold their M4’s again
  • Fixed: Flamethrower server crash
  • Changed: Raised evolution caps
  • Changed: Raised Yautja attack damage
  • Fixed: Facehuggers now render on the front of your face, not the top
  • Fixed: When a facehugger kills a player or marine, a chestburster will spawn
  • Fixed: Guns firing without ammo.
  • Changed: Lowered the amount of distance the sniper zooms in


  • Fixed: Plasma caster no longer requires ammo in creative mode
  • Fixed: Misplaced box on the crusher model
  • Fixed: The crusher, warrior, spitter and queen models no longer float off of the ground
  • Fixed: Xenomorph Spitters would not spit acid projectiles
  • Changed: Lowered the predator attack from 8 to 4
  • Changed: The bounding boxes on all mobs has been reduced to 1×1 (This reduces a major amount of lag)

Download Aliens vs Predator Mod

For 1.7.10


Old version





For 1.7.2




Old version



For 1.6.4

Aliens vs Predator Mod


Old version


AIRI for 1.6.4


For 1.6.2

Aliens vs Predator Mod

Aliens vs Predator Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 v3.7.0

AIRI – Modding Library


For 1.5.2

Aliens vs Predator Mod

Aliens vs Predator Mod from mega.co.nz

Aliens vs Predator Mod from 4shared.com

Aliens vs Predator Mod from mediafire.com

AIRI – Modding Library

AIRI 1.5.2

Credits: Ri5ux

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