Alchemy++ Mod 1.7.10/1.6.2

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Alchemy++ Mod 1.7.10



Liquid Mixer
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This piece of machinery is used to mix together different potions and combine their effects.
Place input potions in first 2 slots of the machine and 2 empty bottles in the output slot.
All you have to do now is to let them through the filter. The result depends on the potions you’ve used as an input and the quality of the filter.
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Essence Extractor
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The machine is used to retrieve the essence of the alchemical ingredient and obtain new potion effects from it. Place the input potion in the first input slot and the ingredient in the top slot as well as empty bottle to hold the newly brewed potion.
Now give it some heat with the blaze powder and it is good to go.
Note, that the potion you get as an output is pretty weak, so you will need to work a bit with it before you can actually use it. The recipes for this machine will be discussed later.
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This is the filter used in the Liquid Mixer. Use it with right mouse button to reveal it’s properties.
I will leave it up to you to find out what they mean.

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Storage block for your potions. (Note that it can not hold custom potions because you will rarely get two similar potions from mixing.)
Can hold up to 16 potions in one block. Use your potion (regular or splash) on this block to pour it inside or use an empty bottle on it to get some back. You may also SHIFT+Right click it with an empty hand to drink some.

Block of Flesh
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Way of getting one of the alchemical ingredients: festering flesh
Place it in the dark place (do not cover the top) and let it rot for a while.
When the block becomes slightly more green, break it and get your disgusting poisonous flesh. You may try and eat it as well…

Fish Oil Bottle
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Bottle for the fish oil – one of the alchemical ingredients. When you’ve crafted this item, use it with Right mouse button to consume fish from your inventory and fill the bottle with oil. Note that only the full bottle of fish oil is considered a potion ingredient.

Essence extractor mechanics:

Essence extractor is a complicated machine used to turn raw alchemical material into it’s essence for potion brewing.
In order to obtain the desired potion effect from the raw ingredient you HAVE TO use proper potion as a Base. If you don’t do so, you will WASTE you ingredient.
You can also use splash versions of the base potions to obtain the splash potions, but you can always apply some gunpowder at the regular brewing stand to get the same effect.
Here are the recipes for the machine:

  • Night Vision I + Squid’s Eye = Blindness
  • Slowness I + Awkward Feeling = Nausea
  • Swiftness I + Springy Cord = Jump Boost
  • Strength I + Iron Powder = Resistance
  • Poison I + Festering Flesh = Hunger
  • Regeneration I + Fish Oil = Water Breathing
  • Instant Damage I + Nether Star = Wither

Ways of getting ingredients:

  • Squid’s Eye – Kill a squid with a Silk Touch shears called “Eye choppa”
  • Awkward Feeling – Smash ANOTHER player with an anvil.
  • Springy Cord – Make a slime fall to his death
  • Iron Powder – obliterate Iron Golem with bare fists
  • Festering Flesh – break completely rotten Block of Flesh.
  • Fish Oil – fill the bottle of fish oil using raw fish.
  • Nether Star – Kill the Wither Boss

For 1.7.10

For 1.6.2

Credits: mokonaModokiDesu

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