AgriCraft Mod 1.7.10

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AgriCraft Mod

Agricraft aims to implement crops mutations for every crop out there, using the configs it should be possible to configure any mutation from any mod you want while also adding some farming equipment.
Currently the mod is in early beta, meaning it’s not ready for modpacks yet, and would like to gather as many bug reports/suggestions as possible.
It should also be possible to plant and harvest any seed from any mod (one known exception is the infused seeds from thaumic tinkerer, these are not supported) on AgriCraft crops, even though they wont cause mutations (yet), you can alter the seed stats from that plant.

Adding custom mutations:

in the /config directory you will find an agricraft folder containing a configuration file and a mutations file. The mutations file contains default mutations based upon what mods you enabled integration for in the configuration file (if you enabled mod integration for mods that aren’t installed, it will not generate the defaults for those mods).
If you wish to reload the default mutations, there is also a config option for that.

Now if you wish to add/remove/customize mutations, you can do that in the mutations file.
If you wish to add mutations for a mod that isn’t implemented yet, that’s possible, but you have to define the exact name from the itemRegistry for that seed (you can use NEI to get these names).
When you launch Minecraft, AgriCraft should ouput all registered mutations to the log. If you defined a name wrong you will see “null” in the mutations (example: “harvestcraft:cornseedItem = null + minecraft:seeds_wheat”).

  • Pam for trusting me with her source code and support
  • Pahimar for making his code open source and for creating his Let’s Mod Reboot Youtube series, I’ve learned a lot from this (also used some code, credits due where credits due)
  • NealeGaming for his Minecraft modding tutorials on youtube
  • VSWE for his “Forging a Minecraft Mod” summer courses
  • kuenzign for his patience in testing the beta builds and coping with an excessive amount of crash reports




. Here’s the things you should know before you download this version:
– It should be compatible with your old world, but in case BACKUP YOUR WORLD before loading it with this version.
– If plants dissappear from crops after updating, please let me know what mod and what crop it was (see below).

– Seed storage system is mostly unimplemented, ignore it. If you plan to use this in your pack, disable it in the config. Any issues about it showing up on the tracker will be closed.

– API jar is not released yet as there might still come some last minute changes.

– I highly recommend backing up your configs and regenerating them (yes, all of them) as quite a few things have changed.

This version should be fully compatible with crops from:
– AppleMilkTea

– Biomes O Plenty

– Blue Power

– ChocoCraft

– ExtraBiomesXL

– Harvestcraft

– Immersive Engineering

– Magical Crops (both old and new version)

– Pam’s Mob Drop Crops

– Natura
– Plant Mega Pack

– PneumaticCraft

– Psychedelicraft

– RotaryCraft

– Pam’s Wee Flowers

– Witchery

Plants from any mod not on this list planted on crops prior to this update will dissappear.
Enjoy, and please report any and all bugs you encounter (excluding for anything related to seed storage)

Download AgriCraft Mod

For 1.7.10

Old version

Author: InfinityRaider

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