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Advanced Alloys Mod 1.7.10


Advanced Alloys Mod 1.7.10

This mod adds 10 diferent ores into the game which are CassiteriteOre(Tin), CupriteOre(Copper), BauxiteOre(Aluminium), CerussiteOre(Lead), AutuniteOre(Uranium), GraphiteOre(Graphite), OrpimentOre(Arsenic), RhodoniteOre(Magnesium), SilverOre(Silver), SpheneOre(Titanium). These ore can be grinded into dusts with the mortar. The stronger the Ore/Metal the higher teir of mortar you will need to grind it into dust. After you get the dust you can must diferent dusts together to get alloy dust and expirement to see which alloy is the strongest.

Over 80 new Ingots! Right now there is 4 teirs of Armor and Tools. The first teir is stronger than iron with 1000 durability. The second is stronger and has as much attack damage as Diamond. The Third is even stronger and about 9 attack damage.
Unstructium is the last teir so far and has 1,000,000 durability! And enchanded with unbreaking X when Crafted but requires lots of nether stars. There is also armor that gives you potion effects like water breathing, invisibility, fire resistance and others. The Difinitive Apparatus is the ultimate end game tool.

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For 1.7.10


Author: Augie_MC

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