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AbyssalCraft Mod 1.7.10

This mod has been a small project since November 29, 2012 (date of the first public release), it’s a forge based mod, requiring that you have minecraft forge installed before you can use it. What the mod does is that it adds new content to the game that changes how the overworld looks like, since it adds a new biome and new mobs that populate the overworld. Along with that comes a dimension. The dimension has similarities of being a darker avatar of the overworld, populated by undead creatures, who appear in the overworld aswell, at certain biomes.

The idea with the mod is to expand the limits of the game, with a 4th dimension (counting the overworld as a dimension), with new creatures who have their own special abilities. A plan for future content is to have another 2 dimensions laced together with the first one, creating a 3 layer realm filled with darkness and perhaps some interesting things.












Installation AbyssalCraft Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  2. Download AbyssalCraft Mod
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded jar file into the .minecraft/mods folder. If one does not exist you can create one.
  4. Done




  • Added Omothol Ghoul
  • Added Omothol Ghoul Flesh (dropped by Omothol Ghouls)
  • Fixed the missing texture on the Eldritch Scale
  • Fixed a derp in Asorah’s Dreaded Gateway Key making it lose durability when used
  • Sacthoth can despawn if spawned in Omothol
  • Added Anti-plagued Flesh (dropped by Abyssal Anti-zombies)
  • Added Anti-plagued Flesh on A Bone (dropped by Anti-ghouls)
  • The Coralium Longbow now shoots arrows that inflict Coralium Plague on hit (and base damage has been reduced by half, was too OP)
  • Added dungeon hooks (some AbyssalCraft mobs can now spawn in dungeons)
  • Added ruins to The Abyssal Wasteland (generates randomly, with loot inside)
  • Tweaked the Liquid Coralium to once again deal damage when inside
  • Removed the “Render” section in the config (and added permanent compatibility)
  • Improved the Coralium Longbow visually (FoV, 3rd person rendering)
  • Sacthoth’s blindness effect doesn’t affect players while in Creative mode
  • Prevent Ars Magica 2 mobs from spawning within the dimensions
  • Registered all dimension biomes to the BiomeDictionary (mainly to prevent mobs from other mods to spawn within them)
  • Abyssal Zombies and Depths Ghouls can now spawn in any form of Ocean, Swamp, River and Beach biome
  • The Coralium Plague can now turn the Player into a Abyssal Zombie on death
  • The Dread Plague can now turn certain entities into Dread Entities
  • Added API registry methods through the use of IMC (check IMCHelper for arguments)
  • Fixed a glitch with the Darklands blindness staying after the effect should’ve worn out
  • Sacthoth now has the blaze hurt sound again (reflects good on the supposed armor he’s wearing)
  • Made the mobs spawned after Sacthoth’s death spawn at different times, instead of all at once
  • You can now toggle if you want a dimension to unload (when no players are inside) or stay loaded at all times
  • Altered the skins on the Remnant Master Blacksmith (made the J’zahar sigil appear more “embroided” into the apron) and Remnant
  • Priest (add the J’zahar sigil to the back of the robes)
  • Corrected a typo in Sacthoth’s name (Harbinger, not Harbringer)
  • Fixed Upgrade Kits not working on damaged tools/armors
  • Tweaked the textures for the Ethaxium Brick and Ethaxium
  • Blacklisted morphing into Asorah or the Spectral Dragon (glitchy models)
  • Made the Block of Abyssalnite texture more purple
  • Made the Abyssalnite Golem, Abyssalnite Stone and Abyssalnite Stone Brick textures less painful to stare at
  • Made it possible to repair all tools and armors with their respective materials
  • The Dreadium Katana, Coralium Longbow and Cudgel can also be repaired now
  • Tall grass, flowers and mushrooms can now grow naturally on Darklands Grass
  • Fixed the Crystallizer for the last time
  • Added Necronomicon (information book with other stuff included)
  • Added Abyssal Wasteland Necronomicon (upgrade with 1st dimesion info)
  • Added Dreadlands Necronomicon (upgrade with 2nd dimension info)
  • Added Omothol Necronomicon (upgrade with 3rd dimension info)
  • Added Abyssalnomicon (final upgrade of the Necronomicon, which will have some special information)
  • Slightly re-colored the Abyssal Zombie (made the skin a bit ligher, and a tiny bit more green)
  • Lowered the follow range on the Abyssal Zombie
  • Made new GUI textures for the Crystallizer and Transmutator (the NEI recipe GUI still shows the old ones)


  • Added Cha’garoth (Dreadlands boss)
  • Added Fist of Cha’garoth (semi-elite mob)
  • Added Spawn of Cha’garoth
  • Added Dread-Plagued Gateway Key
  • Added Cha’garoth altar (2 blocks)
  • Added The Lair of Cha’garoth (structure generated through the Cha’garoth altar)
  • Added Crystallizer (new machine)
  • Added Transmutator (new machine)
  • Added Dreadium ingot
  • Added Dreadium armor (helmet, chestplate, legs, boots)
  • Added Dread fragment
  • Added Cudgel
  • Added shadow beast (new elite mob, spawns in the darklands mountains)
  • Added Sacthoth, Harbringer of Doom (boss, spawns after the explosion of a ODB)
  • Halfed the durability and lowered damage and harvest level by 1 on Refined Coralium tools
  • Added Dreadium tools (harvest level 6, 3000 durability, 15 efficiency, 6 damage and 15 enchantability)
  • Added skeleton goliath (wields the cudgel, and drops it)
  • The dread plague and coralium plague potion effects now have their own icons and death messages, also made a few modifications to the effects (mostly the dread plague)
  • Added Dreadium Upgrade Kit
  • Added crystals (iron, gold, sulphur, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, nitrate, methane, redstone, abyssalnite, coralium, dreadium, blaze)
  • Added mob sounds for Dreadguard, abyssalnite and dreaded abyssalnite golem
  • Added Dreadium Samurai Armor (custom model)
  • Added Dreadium Katana (custom model as well)
  • Added Dreadium Katana Hilt
  • Added Dreadium Katana Blade
  • Added Dreadium Plate
  • Added Dread Cloth
  • Added Cha’garoth’s R’lyehian Gateway Key (doesn’t function yet)
  • Created a new explosion algorithm for the ODB and ODB Core (stronger, uses less resources)
  • Made Asorah larger
  • Shrunk the Spectral Dragon a bit more, and altered the texture
  • Added integration with NEI (Not Enough Items) for the Crystallizer and Transmutator recipes
  • Added configuration options to Core (for compatibility with other mods that alters the player model)
  • Improved the Dreadlands Mineshaft (should reduce the loading time when entering the Dreadlands by a lot)
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation (thanks Lovin000)
  • Added some more API features to Core (might have a complete API for addons in the next version)
  • Changed the harvest level on the Abyssal Coralium Ore (lowered by one)
  • Added lots of blocks and items to the Ore Dictionary
  • Removed the capes (to comply with the EULA)
  • Core is now a coremod
  • Now runs on minecraft forge


  • French language support (thanks to Vayper)
  • Added Dreadlands Mineshaft
  • Treasure chests in Abyssal Strongholds doesn’t use the normal stronghold loot anymore
  • Re-implemented the config file, you can now change biome/dimension ids
  • Did some changes to the Plated Coralium Armor texture
  • Added new model to the Dread Spawns (will have 3 different models to randomly cycle through when they spawn)
  • The altar used to summon Asorah can only be used within the Abyssal Wasteland
  • Did some more major API implementations
  • Update checker has been rewritten, and heavily improved
  • Changed the boundary boxes on some mobs to fit with their sizes
  • Preparing to unleash Cha’garoth
  • Updated to forge version


  • Mod ported to 1.7.2
  • Wooden Crates can now have items placed in them without the items being removed afterwards.
  • Made the darkstone/abyssal stone textures brighter
  • Depths Ghouls and Abyssal Zombies only give you the Coralium Plague when inside the Abyssal Wastelands (which happen to be 99% air atm)
  • 6 New overworld biomes will be added in the next few updates.


  • Mod ported to 1.7.2
  • Wooden Crates can now have items placed in them without the items being removed afterwards.
  • Made the darkstone/abyssal stone textures brighter
  • Depths Ghouls and Abyssal Zombies only give you the Coralium Plague when inside the Abyssal Wastelands (which happen to be 99% air atm)
  • 6 New overworld biomes will be added in the next few updates.

Download AbyssalCraft Mod

For 1.7.10


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For 1.7.2


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For 1.6.4


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 For 1.6.2

AbyssalCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

Credits: Shinoow

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