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2 Modern Cruise Ships Map


2 Modern Cruise Ships Map

These are two huge modern cruise ships with no world edit used what so ever to build! These took about 6 or 7 months of on and off work combined.
Ship 1:The first cruise ship is not as large, at around 190 blocks long. It features over 150 rooms and 9 decks. It also has a large central atrium, rock-climbing, 4 restaurants, and 3 pools.

Ship 2:This is the second cruise ship i build shortly after completing the first one. The second ship is much larger at about 310 blocks long! It has over 250 rooms spread out over 13 decks. Interior features include a large central atrium, a 10 story lobby, 5 restaurants, 6 pools, mini-golf, 2 dining rooms, and working bungjee jumping at the Bow!







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Credits: NinamanOfficial

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