100 Diamonds Seed 1.7.10/1.7.9/1.7.2

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This seed contains a fantastic spawn as you have an NPC Village at Spawn! You are also surrounded by some EPIC Mountains in a Savanna Biome and a HUGE Mesa Biome! Close to spawn you will find a Desert Temple w/Diamonds next to a Mesa Biome and another Temple w/Enchanted Book next to a Roofed Forest Biome! Finally in this Seed you have a Stronghold w/End Portal directly underneath the Mesa Biome!

What’s found in this seed:

  • An NPC Village directly at Spawn!
  • Epic Huge Amazing Mountains at Spawn in Savanna Biome!
  • A Mesa Biome surrounding the Spawn area!
  • 2 Desert Temples w/Diamonds & Enchanted Books near Spawn!
  • Stronghold w/End Portal directly underneath Mesa Biome!

Seed Co-ordinates:

  • NPC Village at Spawn: x: (112) y: (68) z: (131)
  • 1st Desert Temple w/Enchanted Book: x: (-165) y: (65) z: (275)
  • 2nd Desert Temple w/Diamonds (Inside Mesa Biome): x: (-145) y: (71) z: (607)
  • Mesa Biome (Stronghold within the Mesa Biome): x: (454) y: (90) z: (690)
  • Stronghold w/End Portal (underneath Mesa Biome): x: (457) y: (42) z: (692)

Seed ID: 100 Diamonds (or -1339183346)

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